jQuery Walidate

The jQuery Form-Validation-Plugin where the Form-HTML-Markup doesn't matter!
by Michael Fischer

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24. August 2015 jQuery Walidate 2.4.5, bugfix release. Details.
28. May 2013 jQuery Walidate 2.4.4 now compatible to jQuery 1.8+
30. May 2013 This project is now on github :)


The basics

This plugin adds and removes CSS-classes to mark each element as required, valid, invalid and every element that has to be validated.
The default classes used are:
.validate for each element that has to be validated
.required for required elements
.valid for valid user-inputs/-elements or selections
.error for invalid user-inputs/-elements or selections
.compare-x for elements with an additional verify-field

  1. Initialize the form:
  2. or initialize the form and change the default plugin properties:
        // your properties
  3. Set an element as a required input:
  4. or add properties to this element:
    $(selector).walidate('validate', {
        // additional properties

Documentation - Reference

Live demo

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This plugin is distributed under the MIT and GPL licenses.
You're allowed to use this plugin in any commercial and non-commercial project.